Applications Migration and Modernization

We help bring your legacy applications to the latest technologies and thus, provide you with support in your environments and allow your software to adapt to the rapid changes in your industry.

Stop Paying To Keep The Lights On

Increase the value of your apps

Don't ditch your app just because you're not on the cutting edge of technology. Transform the knowledge and functions of your legacy systems into new functionalities with the latest tools on the market.

Improve resilience

Your legacy systems can be transformed using technologies such as microservices to improve uptime and resilience, automating tasks that allow automatic restoration in case of failure.

Take advantage of resources

By bringing your application to the latest technologies and frameworks, you will be able to maintain support and improve the use of infrastructure resources, being more efficient in their use.

Let your old applications stay aligned with your business

Business Problem

According to Forrester®, organizations spend more than 65% of their IT budgets keeping the “lights on” operations. Not only that, but since they are old applications and systems, both the hardware and the software are already obsolete, which results in even higher technical and operational expenses.

Thus, with legacy applications and outdated infrastructure, a lack of agility arises in an organization. Employees spend approximately 28% of their time on administrative tasks such as copying data from one system to another, performing approvals on multiple systems, and spending time searching for hidden data somewhere in these systems.


Migrating the legacy systems of an organization requires in-depth knowledge both at a technical and functional level, understanding what steps to reach the desired result. It is important that stakeholders can quickly see the value of these changes, so starting with MVPs (minimum viable products) is a “must”.

It is also important to have archetypes that are defined previously, so that the decisions made in the context of modernization are compatible with the new programming paradigms defined within organizations.

How Andes Digital Help?

We can help in all phases of application modernization, from archetype definitions for future developments both within the framework of the modernization of existing applications, as well as for new developments. We are able to work together with your team to bring legacy applications to new technologies based on open standards that allow innovation and transformation of your organization.

We also help you:

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Count on our experience

Analysis of the applications

All our projects start with a detailed analysis of the applications to be migrated and modernized, as well as their dependency maps, and thus understand the impact on the business.

We develop the strategies to use

Each client is different, and each application has its own set of characteristics and peculiarities. We develop a strategy based on rapid deployment, showing value in each iteration.

We minimize business risks

We have multi-disciplinary teams, focused on understanding the different application processes, minimizing project risk without affecting other areas that are using the systems to be migrated.

Client Testimonial

Marco Mendoza
Marco Mendoza
CTO - Occupational Safety Institute
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Andes Digital is a strategic partner that I can trust. We have carried out a large number of projects together and I am sure we will continue to count on them.
Alexis Lushinger
Alexis Lushinger
Head of Unit - General Comtrollership of the Republic of Chile
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The level of expertise of Andes Digital consultants is excellent, and it allows me to focus on the needs of my area.
J. C.
J. C.
Head of IT - TW Logistics
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Thanks to Andes Digital, we were able to transform the architecture of our core business from one based on a single point of failure to a resilient one.

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