Microservices & Containers

We help your team take monolithic applications based on old practices to new cloud-ready architectures that allow an optimized use of resources in your organization.

Agility and Resilience in Your Applications

Minimize risk

Your clients today expect 100% availability in your services. Bringing your applications to the world of microservices helps you take a big step towards resilience, increasing customer satisfaction.

Improve Time-to-Market

Competition in all markets grows day by day, and the ability to create and launch new tools or products allows you to keep your organization at the vanguard of your competitors.

Increase your agility

The microservices architecture makes applications easy to deploy, manage, and scale. With a modern development approach, it distributes responsibilities and reduces development times.

Follow best practices to maximize lifespan

Business Problem

Businesses that rely on traditional monolith-based architectures (monolithic apps) often must have infrastructure that allows them to respond to catastrophes quickly such as DRPs and others that cost time and money.Applications must also be subject to SLAs that are generally not in line with business needs.

Monolithic applications typically have a high reboot time, which is detrimental to getting back to normal business operations. On the other hand, they are difficult to scale in case of receiving a greater number of visits, which inhibits the ability to use elastic infrastructure that allows receiving more traffic. Finally, a monolithic architecture will typically have problems updating its technology stack to the latest versions due to dependency and other problems.


The adoption of microservices as a cornerstone of application development within organizations, implies an improvement in development times and response to possible problems that may arise, in addition to allowing a more efficient use of the hardware resources, reducing the “Total Cost of Ownership” (TCO).

It also allows each service to be developed independently, taking into consideration the specific business area of that service with improvements in both agility and responsibility of each team. Finally, it increases resilience by allowing each service to be managed independently, and helps to scale in an agile and dynamic way in the peaks of traffic or use of the different services.

How Andes Digital Help?

We can help you enabling your teams to understand, develop and accelerate the implementation of architectures based on microservices, conducting workshops, installing the underlying infrastructure and generally reinforcing the areas where it is necessary to adopt this type of approach. All this with a highly trained team ready to take care of the most difficult areas in your organization.

We support you to:

Download the Ebook "10 Common Errors When Migrating to Microservices"

Download our eBook of the 10 most common mistakes when migrating to microservices, and anticipate the challenges that your organization can experience in these types of services.

Our Expertise in Action

We help your organization achieve success. We have experienced microservices and software architecture consultants, as well as experts in different Kubernetes-based container platforms from the most recognized vendors in the industry.

We are an extended arm of your organization

Not only do we care that your teams are enabled to understand the new paradigms, but we can also be your technical partner in highly complex projects.

We work and collaborate with your internal teams

We do not pretend to be a silo within your organization, but we are constantly looking for feedback and working with your teams so, together we can find solutions to the most complex problems.

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