Tanzu Management and Maintenance

VMware Tanzu is the Kubernetes-based platform as a service (PaaS) for VMware enterprise customers. Our service helps to manage and maintain operational continuity, taking care of the life cycle of Kubernetes clusters based on this platform.

We Take Care Of The Entire Operation Of Tanzu and Any Type Of Environment

Tanzu Operational Management

Kubernetes cluster lifecycle management is not a simple task, it requires advanced technical expertise. Andes Digital has certified Kubernetes technicians to help with the management tasks of your clusters.

Minimize Operational Risk

Kubernetes is a relatively new technology and where global talent is in short supply. By delegating the operation of Kubernetes clusters to us, you will be able to focus you will be able to focus on the highest value tasks of your organization.

Proactive and Reactive Management

We have proactive plans where we check different components of the clusters to anticipate problems. We have monitoring and alerts in case of detection of problems, with plans that are adapted to all our clients.

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Learn more about how we can help your organization keep your VMware Tanzu-based platforms as a service, so you only have to worry about your applications.

Leave the management of your Kubernetes cluster in our hands

Business Problem

The management of Kubernetes clusters in large organizations often have difficulties that have to do with the ability of companies to manage the different components and their life cycles. There is shortage of talent in the market, and is not expected to grow for at least five more years. All of the above contradicts the need for companies to deploy applications based on microservices and to carry out continuous deployments to adapt to business needs in a highly competitive environment.


VMware Tanzu helps organizations to deploy new Kubernetes clusters both in existing VMware vSphere environments and in public cloud-based environments such as AWS and Azure. However, the management of these clusters will always be complicated due to the technical expertise that is required both on the command line and through a GUI. Thus, it is also necessary to have expert personnel in disciplines such as DevOps in order to get the maximun performace of the teams for the continuous deployment of applications necessary for organizations.

How Andes Digital Help?

Our team of experts in Kubernetes-based technologies helps with the management of our clients’ platforms, thus allowing them to function as an extended arm of the organization, working side by side with their teams of engineers and developers, which results in deployments of applications quickly and continuously. We also have expert teams in development architectures, to deliver the maximum value and to contribute at all levels. All of the above regardless of whether the clusters are in the client’s private datacenter or in the cloud.

Expert Knowledge of the Platform

Our team has Kubernetes certifications to get the most out of the platform, in addition to being VMware business partners in its vertical Application Modernization , which allows us to have access to support quickly if necessary.

On-Prem, Cloud or In Our Datacenters

We have data centers in Chile, Spain and the United States, all interconnected and managed by our engineering teams. Our SLA’s exceed 99.8% uptime in all our services.

Flexibility at the Service of Our Clients

We operate as an extended arm of your teams, and our services can be as comprehensive and supportive as our clients require. We can help from the exclusive management of the clusters, going through support with CI/CD and even being an ally in the definition of archetypes and applications architecture.