VMware Experts

We offer from licenses to the implementation of the latest VMware technologies in our clients. We also help manage the infrastructure of both virtual machines and Kubernetes-based workloads.

Our Partnership with VMware

Main benefits

VMware is the leader in virtualization in the world. Its solutions provide not only the ability to automate and provision virtual machine-based infrastructure, but also enter the world of containers and microservices with Kubernetes, allowing the entire lifecycle to be managed through a unified interface.

As VMware partners we have experience in both traditional virtualization and Tanzu including its Spring portfolio, to take your applications to the cloud easily and quickly.

Why are we Partners

VMware is the leader in the virtualization segment, and its recent move towards open source technologies makes our partnership more natural.

Kubernetes for the deployment of microservices applications, allows us to leverage all our previous knowledge to provide our clients with the latest technologies, in a single technological vendor.

We are the first ones to implement Tanzu Kubernetes Grid in business clients and especially in the public sector (government), so within the scale of VMware we already have the Solution Competency of “Modern Application Platform”.

Finally, we also have the VMware certification in “Cloud Provider”, so we have the knowledge to manage and support architectures and services based on VMware both in our datacenter as in of our clients.

Product Specialization

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Modern Applications Platform

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