Experts in NGINX

We provide solutions based on NGINX so that our clients can create their applications based on microservices or APIs easily and quickly.

Our Partnership with NGINX

Main benefits

NGINX is a powerful open source web server that also serves as a reverse proxy, HTTP cache, and load balancer for your web application needs. It uses an event-based approach to handling requests, resulting in consistent and reliable performance. NGINX is used by more than half of the busiest websites on the Internet, praising it for its ability to handle high loads in a scalable and predictable way.

Andes Digital’s licensed experts provide extensive experience in delivering web applications supported  by accelerator capabilities and NGINX + server, including those combined with containers and AWS deployments. We help clients to obtain reduced costs and a simplified architecture for application deployment.

Why are we Partners

More than 450 million websites run on NGINX, making it a market leader as a server and application deployment platform. They offer flexible options for application hosting, ranging from full server offerings to reverse proxy and load balancing for inbound traffic management. We partner with NGINX + for the necessary tools and infrastructure as we identify and implement efficient application development and delivery processes for modern software architectures.

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