Kubernetes Managed Services

Kubernetes has become the standard for container orchestration and cloud-ready applications. We help our clients get the most out of technology while they take care of developing their applications and focus on the business.

Expert Team in Application Management and Kubernetes based Infrastructure

Cluster Management

Managing Kubernetes clusters is a time-consuming task that requires expert knowledge. Our clients trust Andes Digital to abstract from the infrastructure and focus on the applications and the business.

On-Prem or Cloud Kubernetes

We manage your Kubernetes clusters regardless of where they are deployed: bare-metal, virtualized, in the public cloud, or even multi-cloud or hybrid-cloud. Leave Kubernetes management in expert hands.

Observability and Enhancements

We are obsessed with monitoring and continuous improvements in the clusters we manage. We automate many tasks to stay ahead of issues that may occur, and we have disaster recovery plans in place.

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We help your organization maintain platforms as a service based on Kubernetes, so you only have to worry about your applications and the business.

Your Kubernetes clusters managed by experts

Business Problem

Organizations seek flexibility and improve their time-to-market through cloud-native applications, and for this Kubernetes is becoming an essential tool to achieve this goal, however, it has the complexity of management and life cycle of their clusters. This technical complexity, added to the scarce number of qualified personnel, makes the adoption of Kubernetes as a technology in organizations a challenge.


Thanks to our team of certified Kubernetes experts, our customers are able to take advantage of the tools offered by this technology without requiring specialized personnel or entry barriers. Using Andes Digital as a strategic ally in the adoption of containers and Kubernetes specifically, customers can develop and deploy their applications quickly, securely and easily.

How Andes Digital Help?

Our team of experts in Kubernetes-based technologies help with the management of our clients’ platforms, thus allowing them to function as an extended arm of the organization, working side by side with their teams of engineers and developers, which results in deployments of applications quickly and continuously. Likewise, we have expert teams in both architecture and development, to deliver maximum value and be a contribution at all levels.

Certified by the Cloud Native Foundation

We are the first provider in Latin America and the second in Spain to obtain the “Kubernetes Certified Service Provider” (KCSP) competency, which demonstrates our expert knowledge of the platform as well as validates the certifications of our team in this technology.

Kubernetes Certified Team and CNCF Silver Members

All our Kubernetes experts have the official certifications of the Cloud Native Foundation (CNCF), which guarantees the technical expertise to manage Kubernetes clusters as the life cycle of the applications that run under these platforms.

Flexibility at the Service of Our Customers

We have different support models in 5×8 and 24×7 modes as well as approaches based on cloud, on-premise and hybrid models. We are able to generate proposals that are aligned with the business objectives of our clients.