Government Institutions

Andes Digital has a strong social component, which leads us to work with public institutions to help them to execute projects that are relevant and deliver value to citizens.

We understand the challenges you are facing

We will help you solve these problems

We Modernize Applications

Move toward a next-generation architecture that takes advantage of the tools and technologies you need.

We Integrate the Data

Combine siled data from multiple sources to enable new insights and improve visibility.

We improve the Common Citizen Experience

Create something that citizens want to use, not just to do a particular job.

Minimize your expenses and move toward the mission of your organization


We have created custom systems and improved frontend experiences behind the collection system in public institutions in Chile, reformed a large remuneration consolidation application, and improved the critical data management systems that support the data. We work with large public institutions as well as small ones to solve problems of any size.


We review and evaluate modern frameworks and tools and recommend pragmatic solutions based on our clients’ regulatory and practical constraints. We modernize inherited systems and integrate the rest intelligently. We also advise and implement customized approaches in the cloud, including on-premises, external and hybrid solutions.


Our experts have developed flexible frames that save our clients hours and sometimes days. We’ve automated code creation, compilation, and deployment, allowing developers to deploy code in faster cycles and to perform quality control simultaneously. We have also designed applications that substantially reduce complexity for end users, saving time and minimizing stress in the process.

Case Study of the Implementation of Infrastructure in Government Institution

Andes Digital partnered with an important government entity of the Republic of Chile to implement an infrastructure that allows the deployment of applications based on microservices and containers for the next generation of applications in government.

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