OpenShift Management and Maintenance

Red Hat OpenShift is the Kubernetes-based platform as a service (PaaS) for enterprise customers. We help you to install, manage and maintain operational continuity so that you only worry about the deployment of your applications.

We Take Care Of All The OpenShift Operation In Your Datacenter Or Ours

OCP Operational Management

Either on-premise or in the cloud, we manage your OpenShift clusters, taking care of monitoring, updating and the entire infrastructure life cycle with our Red Hat OpenShift certified technical team.

Minimize Operational Risk

Kubernetes and OpenShift are hard-to-manage technologies, and global talent is short. Forget about training personnel who can later leave the organization and put the operation of the platform at risk.

Proactive and Reactive Management

We have proactive plans where we check different components of the clusters to anticipate problems. Also, with constant monitoring and alerts in case of detection of problems.

Download Our OpenShift Managed Services Brochure

Learn more about how we can help your organization maintain your OpenShift-based platforms as a service, so you only have to worry about your applications.

Leave the management of your OpenShift cluster in our hands

Business Problem

Regardless of how complex or standard OpenShift environments may be in your organization, there are challenges that must be continually managed such as platform operator skills, upgrades, patches, processes, scalability, and the ability to manage  that the platform operate 24×7, 365 days a year, all this, not to mention that the more applications exist on the platforms, the more workload is added to them, the pressure increases while the budget decreases.


Our Managed OpenShift service enables organizations to tackle modernization challenges, functioning as an extended arm of your operations team, working side-by-side with them. It does not matter if your OCP clusters are on-premises or in the cloud, with Andes Digital’s OpenShift management, you will have an expert team that will be in charge of monitoring, patching, updating, scaling, reporting problems and generally maintaining the good health of your clusters and applications, allowing your team to focus on other high-value tasks.

How Andes Digital Help?

The OpenShift Maintenance service is available to organizations that already have this tool, as well as those who are looking to get started, thanks to our OCP installation services. We have different forms of support that can contemplate operations ranging from 8×5 to 24/7/365 with plans that adapt to the needs of organizations.

Expert Knowledge of the Platform

We have a team dedicated to the management of OpenShift clusters certified by Red Hat, to ensure the quality and operational continuity of our clients’ infrastructure.

On-Prem, Cloud or In Our Datacenters

We have data centers in Chile, Spain and the United States, all interconnected and managed by our engineering teams. We have SLA’s that exceed 99.8% uptime in all our services.

Flexibility at the Service of Our Clients

We operate as an extended arm of your teams, and our services can be as comprehensive and supportive as our clients require. We can help from the exclusive management of the clusters, going through support with CI/CD and even being an ally in the definition of archetypes and applications architecture.

Recognized from Red Hat as Container Specialists

Among our achievements, Red Hat has recognized Andes Digital as a specialist in container platforms. This means that our Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform skills and experience are valued from the brand and we look forward to continuing the “Lead with Containers” journey with our customers.

Andes Digital - Red Hat- Advanced Business Partner - Container Platform Specialist