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We provide our customers with both Red Hat subscriptions and services. We help with the creatiation of sophisticated and scalable applications that you can deploy both on-premise and in the cloud, preventing them from becoming a headache.


Our Partnership with Red Hat

Main benefits

Red Hat is a perfect extension of our values. We are looking for clients who want to take advantage of these innovative technologies to obtain a competitive differentiation and expand their position within their market.

As proof, we have a long history of “firsts ones”, including being one of the first partners to successfully implement OpenShift (2017), as well as various other products from their Ready Partner, we count with extensive experience in Red Hat technologies aiming the specific needs of the industry.

Our Added Value

When you buy software through Andes Digital, you get continuous access to our expertise at no additional cost. Get the right solutions, the right size, with the right level of support for your business. We also offer industry-specific solutions that combine the best of what enterprise open source has to offer for your specific needs.

Take advantage of our collective technology and business expertise so you can keep your organization at the forefront. Contact us for a free preliminary consultation and more information on preferential pricing.

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