Sysdig Experts

Sysdig provides security, monitoring and compliance in microservices and container environments to simplify the management of the underlying infrastructure.

Our Partnership with Sysdig

Main benefits

Sysdig provides end-to-end visibility and security for cloud-native operations. Its enterprise-level approach is designed to protect, monitor, and troubleshoot your environment for more reliable and secure applications and reduce incident response times.

Why are we Partners

Sysdig has created a unified platform to provide application security, monitoring, and forensics analysis in a microservices-friendly architecture. Its cloud-native intelligence technology monitors and protects millions of containers across hundreds of businesses, including Fortune 500 companies and web-scale properties.

Additionally, Sysdig partners with Red Hat during each phase of the container lifecycle to provide a single platform to accelerate the development of reliable and secure software and applications on OpenShift. This allows us to offer key security and monitoring features in conjunction with the OpenShift implementation.

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